The future of feminist porn? Virtual reality made for girls, by girls

Porn actress Mir-Ausziehen is wearing a lacy black bra. She’s sprawled across the mattress while she is gone down on by performer Lance Hart. The 2 are starring in the VR porn movie Empowering Ava, the tale of an erotica writer (Mir-Ausziehen) whose partner (Hart) is intrigued by some of the sex she writes about. … Continue reading “The future of feminist porn? Virtual reality made for girls, by girls”

Porn actress Mir-Ausziehen is wearing a lacy black bra. She’s sprawled across the mattress while she is gone down on by performer Lance Hart.

The 2 are starring in the VR porn movie Empowering Ava, the tale of an erotica writer (Mir-Ausziehen) whose partner (Hart) is intrigued by some of the sex she writes about. He desires to try them out and Eva is more than happy to oblige.

When she reclines for a moment of submission, audiences have the option to zoom out to ogle the muscle rear end of Hart, or to give attention to her response to her own mounting pleasure. The visual experience is dominated by neither male nor female perspective.

Is this what the future of alleged “porn for girls” looks like? Filmmakers Erika Lust, who is currently planning her first VR porn movie, and Angie Rowntree, whose company launched Empowering Ava on August 18, believe thus. They are starting to investigate the potential of sensual VR tech for female audiences.

There are several problems film makers should conquer before VR porn can catch on among female audiences.

For starters, porn audiences in general are still male. Despite a recent rise in the recognition of female-pleasant porn, in 2015 the adult content giant PornHub published a study estimating that just 24% of its worldwide audience were girls.

Virtual reality porn is rising as a lucrative junction between technology and sexual activity, but so far the bulk of sensual VR filmmaking has focused on the male point of view today. As Stefanie Iris Weiss wrote for SheKnows: “it is completely designed for the male gaze… male porn performers aren’t observable at all because the viewer is the protagonist.”

“It is really important to give folks the choice to observe it on a desktop, iPad, phone or a headset,” she stated.

The multi-outlook toggles enable audiences to discover the angles they find most attractive, whether that is focusing on the female performers’ delight or zooming out to relish a see of the male performer’s body.

Rowntree uncovered the technology obviously lent itself to solving among the chief problems that irks female porn customers: genuineness.

“It becomes very, quite natural,” she stated. “We do not strive to do money shots. Our focus is enjoyment. We are looking or the natural flow… The comments we’ve gotten has been quite positive…[Spectators] genuinely loved the connection between Ava and Lance.”

The freedom to control their view within the scene was also liked by female viewers. The movie received such positive comments from subscribers that Rowntree already has plans for 2 more female-centric VR pictures.

Trusting Your Online Poker Venue

Poker is a world famous game that has been the subject of numerous films, books and motivation for poker clubs and games throughout the world. There is something irresistible and glamorous about this game, which combines luck, skill and a bit of acting as well. In any poker game a player will have to call on his or her “poker face” to hide the excitement of a sure-fire winning hand, or to bluff another player into folding, allowing the bluffer to win by default! While an unreadable face is one of the keys to a good game of poker, there is much more to learn.

Starting at the beginning, all varieties of poker, whether it is Texas holdem, Omaha, Omaha hi/lo, 7 Card Stud, Five Card Stud, or Draw, involve a standard deck of 52 cards. In some poker games, for example Draw Poker, the Joker can be used as an ace, which can give a player’s hand a much-needed boost. When learning how to play poker, it is certainly advisable to become well acquainted with the values of the cards, and their potency when combined, with the best hand being the Royal Flush.

Today’s poker players have an incredible opportunity to learn all styles of the game from the comfort of home. There are innumerable online poker venues that offer all types of poker games and have even created innovative poker tournaments that give a new spin to keep even those who play poker frequently, something new to learn.

Similar to real life poker, internet poker follows official poker rules. Depending on the type of poker game, bets are made at the appropriate times, in some variations this is prior to the cards being dealt and is known as the “ante.” Additionally, poker gambling rules hold true online as well. Bets are placed, after which players have the opportunity to communicate whether they want to see or raise a bet, or fold in the event a hand just doesn’t seem to offer any promise in future rounds.

Many of the online poker sites create a format that makes you feel as though you are in the poker rooms of casinos. Using highly sophisticated computer graphics, animation and chat options to communicate with fellow players, the online version really does feel like actual casino poker.

For some, there is concern that playing online may be risky for personal financial security reasons. Many of these online poker sites do not require that you invest any money whatsoever. In fact, you can play free poker using downloads that are offered by the site, and never have to make a deposit. While it is enjoyable to play a free poker game to give you a taste of how to play the game, the real excitement will come when you give your skills a chance at winning you some earnings. Once you feel you can trust a site from your experience playing free online poker consider playing for wagers and enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

Are You Fascinated By Online Poker Casino Gambling? Know More!

It is late and no one else is awake. What you really want is a rousing game of poker. Happily, there are a number of chances to play poker at your online casino. Just sit down and log in to your favorite site, or possibly check out that new online casino poker gambling site that just started.

Online casino poker gambling is no longer available in the U.S. due to a ban passed by the government in 2006, called the Unlawful Internet Enforcement Gaming Act (UIGEA). A few of the casinos in other parts of the world declined to accept players from the U. S. for a bit, until they could be assured that money would still be securely obtained. That is changing now that money can securely change hands.

There are several payment options available for online gamblers; credit cards, Neteller, Firepay, Paypal and wire transfers.

Online casino poker gambling is very popular. One site, Bodog, advertises that they will soon deal their one billionth poker hand. That is very exciting. To increase the excitement, Bodog is offering more and more incentives and prizes from the 980,000,000 hand on. This illustrates how some of the older sites are so successful for so long. Some of the online casino pokers’ gambling rooms have famous players’ fresh from the latest televised tournament, as hosts. There are many versions of poker tournaments, with the best being offered by the more experienced older casinos.

Some of the benefits of newly opened online poker casinos are; awesome sign up deals, superior software designed for the game, and a more entertaining site. For instance, the player can select an icon that uniquely represents themselves at the playing table. The better sites will have excellent customer support and are licensed in the area where they originate. They will also ensure the players privacy and refuse to sell information to third parties.

All online casinos are aware that if they do not operate fairly, they could be blacklisted. There are several opportunities for players to provide reviews of the online casino they frequent.

Some words of caution are appropriate here. As with any game, educating yourself about the rules, strategies and how much money you are willing to lose are of paramount importance. Remember, Poker is a game of skill. The elements of chance that are sure to surprise the player are what provide the excitement of the game. There a number of books and online sites that will provide the education needed to be a successful poker player. Not only will you learn what to bid and what to fold, you can even learn how to cheat. Casinos are on the look out for cheaters and will banish them at the outset. It is poor business to tolerate cheating. By studying how to cheat, you can learn to recognize when it is happening at your table and beat a hasty retreat. It is also imperative to report cheating if you suspect that it is happening.

Few Words About Online Poker Gambling

Many poker novices are shy about playing internet poker games in the traditional brick & mortar casinos and it is those people that the internet poker portals target. Hardly a month passes by without new online poker gambling portals being launched and it is not surprising when one observes that the revenues earned by these online poker houses increased from $82.7 million in 2001 to about $2.4 billion in 2005.

The main advantage for those playing in poker portals is the freedom from geographical bindings. As long as one has an internet connected PC, they can participate in these online gambling rooms. Casino owners own most of the online portals. They do not want to promote poker in their brick & mortar casinos because of the high costs. For them, maintaining and running an online poker portal are relatively cheaper. If they wanted to add another table in their standard casinos, it would mean adding valuable real estate, but in the online rooms, all they need to do is make some alterations in the software.

The players too benefit a lot from the online poker gambling portals since the charges of playing over there are far less than participating in the real ones. One can expect a stake as low as 2 cents in the online rooms and at times they might even find portals that do not charge any entry fees. The owners of these portals do this to attract beginners to their site. Those interested in internet poker might be interested to know that the first free poker online was played sometimes during the late 1990’s and it was known IRC poker (internet relay chat poker).